Windows 10 Spring Creator's Update Can Fail Causing A Non Working Computer

Microsoft has released their latest feature update for Windows 10 dubbed the Spring Creator's Update or April 2018 Update and there are already issues.

While the upgrade will give you some nice shiny features like a do-not-disturb mode called Focus Assist and a new desktop management system called Time Line, it could cause you headaches.  Reports of the upgrade failing mid upgrade are stacking up causing a computer that will boot to a black desktop background with just a Recycling Bin icon and an error message.  Users have reported that after restarting the computer, Windows will try to roll back the upgrade but fail at rolling back leaving you with a computer that you can't use.  We have personally received units from a few residential customers who have this exact problem.  We are still analyzing the units for the root cause and to see if there is a repair that can be performed or if a data backup and fresh install will have to be done for units affected by this problem.  If you are affected by this issue, please contact us today and we can help figure out how to get back up and running again.