Adobe Flash Player End of Life Announced

Adobe has announced their end of life plans for Flash Player today.  The decline of Flash use on the web and migration to HTML5, WebGL and Web Assembly has signaled to Adobe that it is time to throw in the towel. 

Adobe says that the end of life of Flash Player will be at the end of 2020 but will push end of life in regions where it is not currently licensed.  Adobe will continue to update and support Flash Player until the end of life date and urges developers to migrate their content to HTML5 and other technologies.  

What does this mean for you?  Nothing as of yet, just make sure you keep your Flash Player updated if you do use Flash.  Most web browsers have deprecated Flash to not activate automatically because of the many vulnerabilities that arise from out-of-date Flash Player plugins and also the high amount of resources that Flash uses. When the end of life comes, you should be uninstalling Flash Player from your web browser to keep your system secure.  Not sure how to uninstall when end of life arrives?  Contact us for help!